First and foremost, a special word of thanks to all of my fans and friends that have supported me through the life journey that is music.


As with many bands, the members will remain friends long after the rehersals end. As I say farewell to Jim Ragsdale and Chris Nichols who have both moved on to other projects, it is with a feeling of pride for all that we as Diamond Plate acomplished. It was a real pleasure performing with both of these guys and recording a live record with Jim. He is an amazing song writer and I hope he continues forward with his original music that so many will enjoy for years to come.


Having the need to tour again, I find myself on the road again, soon. I have recruited a few "old" guys for a new recording project and a 70-80 date run across Texas. Starting in October, we will all hit the road once more to bring a new CD and live show to you, our fans and friends. We are looking forward to putting this new show together, so check back here for dates and such as well as for my solo appearances.


Diamond Plate and Redneck Jedi fans have no worries, there are some pretty exciting things on the horizon and we will be looking forward to seeing you all again, real soon.

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Studio CD & Solo project

 Hey folks, sorry for the delay in posting a new blog, but the band has been really busy with the recording process of FREEDOM. I'll try to do better in keeping this more up to date. Speaking fo dates, the band is booking right now for the tour and have added new dates, just check the gig calendar and make plans to come out to a show. You guys are the reason we do all of this, well that and the love of making music of course.

To add to my busy schedule, I'm building a new recording studio and working on a solo project called "Empty Man." I'll have more on that later.

Y'all take care and we'll see you real soon.

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New Song, new studio, band gets ready to record

 Hey folks,

Just a brief not tonight. The band is gearing up for the studio in August and it looks like we are going to Caldwell to record the record. There is a new song in the mix, so the band is going to have to work extra hard to get that one ready for recording. Looking forward to seeing all of you on the road. Don't forget to share this website with your friends.

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Hard at work...

Well, I need to introduce the new rhythm guitar player since he is hard at work learning the entire Redneck Jedi set lists and original music. Not easy task for sure. Eddie Briggs is at home, studing and Jedi has a full band rehearsal in the first week of July. Studio dudes, get ready, cause Redneck Jedi is on it's way.

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MONDAY, JUNE 23, 2014
On target...

 Just a quick post to let everyone know that we are on target to getting into the studio. Dennis will rehearse with Eddie tomorrow. The set list for the tour is extensive and Eddie has a lot of learning to do, but he is up to the task!

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Mert Guthrie
Fort Worth
Jul 06, 2014 @ 2:33 AM

Great site! Look forward to following along.

Wimberley, Texas
Jun 17, 2014 @ 2:35 PM

Like the web site and the Lottery Song is pretty cool... it's got a twang to it Hope to see you live soon!

Daren Underwood
Jun 17, 2014 @ 10:53 AM

Yo! I got your email forwarded form Hays Co tyvm. I like the Lottery song! Let's JAM!


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